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WHO is He?

Michael Barham was born and raised in Bessemer, AL. His coaching journey started when he accidentally became a little league basketball head coach in 2010. Later, he had the opportunity to coach high school basketball as an assistant coach. Upon seeking to become a better coach for his players, Michael sought after personal and professional development. The tools he learned from Dr. Eric Thomas and Kendall Ficklin inspired him to create his personal brand, Push Elevation.

Since creating Push Elevation, Michael has had the opportunity to help increase the performance of individuals and organizations in the areas of communication, team building, and leadership. His focus shifted after witnessing his former players experience tough transitions in life after sports. He knew he had to develop a way to fill the need and support athletes after sports. He created programs to help athletes pursue their purpose and build their own brands. His first book, Purpose Pioneers became an Amazon Bestseller. Michael has been featured in the popular blog, Voyage ATL, for his dedication to be a trailblazer for his community.

 Michael has over 5 years of experience as a business coach and consultant. As a DISC expert and a professional speaker, he has trained thousands of students to unlock their potential and perform at a high level. Seeking to serve a gap in sports, Michael wrote his second book When The Ball Goes Flat. His mission is to help one million athletes discover their gifts after sports and monetize it by creating their own brand



Michael uses personal stories of triumph to create interactive presentations. He has been speaking and training students for over a decade. He presents topics on personal development, leadership development, and brand development. Michael has had the opportunity to partner with schools from the elementary level all the way to college. Michael’s message challenges everyone to elevate in every area of their lives and walk in their true potential. Michael with love to partner with you to serve your students with a keynote, workshop, or customized program.


Most people wander through life, staying busy, but in the rare quiet moments, they wonder what their lives could truly be about. If only they could find their purpose. We all want to live on purpose. With purpose. But life gets in the way. So what happens when you fasten your mind and intentions onto a goal, but you are stopped by adversity and setbacks? These six individuals have overcome incredible adversity... They have survived almost insurmountable setbacks. And, despite the odds, they are thriving on purpose. If you're struggling to find your purpose, or are discouraged with all the challenges that have knocked you off-course, this book is for you. Read how purpose-driven individuals like yourself, have overcome life-threatening limitations, academic failure, physical shortcomings, crippling anxiety, fatherlessness, and even hopelessness. To thrive in their purpose. Read. Be inspired. And then let's write the next triumphant chapter of your own story.  



Success stories empower, but lessons from your setbacks can transform lives. We all have blindspots that can cause damage in our lives if no one brings them to our attention. Through my R.I.S.E. Method, I help individuals dig deep and transform into the  person that they were called to be. Consider coaching with Michael Barham if you are tired of being slept on as an underdog or if you are ready to rise up and be who you were called to be!



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